Anders Knutsson was born in Malmö, Sweden where he studied art and engineering.  In 1967 he came to the United States to work in the aerospace industry and became a citizen in 1976.  He has studied and developed his art throughout his entire life.  He has lived in Illinois, Ohio, California, Vermont, Toronto and since 1976 in New York City.

(Bold indicates a review, catalog or video was published)

Solo Shows
2017      “The Passion of Colors," Galleri Gösta Bergman, Stockholm, Sweden
              Svenska Kyrkan/The Swedish Church, The Importance of Drawing, New York City, NY
2016      Jäger & Jansson Galleri, Lund, Sweden  
              Aguéli Museum, Sala, Sweden 
2015      Plan B Gallery, Växsjö, Sweden (October 2015)
2015      Knight-Webb Gallery, London, UK 
2014      Mårtenson & Persson Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
              Plan B Gallery, Växsjö, Sweden  "Swedish roots, American dream, Universal soul". With Pia Sjölin
2013      Knight-Webb Gallery, London, UK 
2013      TST Gallery, Croton Falls, NY, “The Light Within the Shadow”. Tree paintings, drawings, prints.
2012      Mårtenson & Persson Gallery, Monochrome paintings Båstad, Sweden
              “Segue”, Theo Ganz Studio, Beacon, NY. Trees.  ( with Insun Kim, sculptor)
2011      “Finding Yggdrasil” Tree paintings, drawings, prints. Steinhart Gallery, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY
2011      Radical Painting, Meditations on the Monochrome” paintings,  Bukowskis, Stockholm, Sweden 
2009      Treeology” Konsthallen Hishult, Sweden. Tree paintings, drawings, prints
2009      Tillie’s of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY.  Tree prints
2007/8   AAF Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery D3, New York City City                                                                              
              Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn, NY   “The Copper Beech”
2006      AAF Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery D3, New York City
2005      Rosewood Gallery, Kettering, Ohio (paintings and luminous performance w. dancers from Sinclair College)
              Gallery U, Cleveland, Ohio (paintings and luminous performance with dancers from U of Ohio, singer
                and musicians)
              Cool New York Dance Festival (luminous performances; dancers and drummers) Video available
2004      St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkhill, NY (paintings & luminous performance; students, singer, musician)
              D.U.M.B.O. Dance Festival (luminous performance; dancers, singer, drummers) Video available
2003      Red Clay, New York, NY (luminous performance; dancers, recorded music)
              BAM/SONYA Spring Show (paintings & luminous performance; dancers, musician) Gallery 718, Brooklyn, NY
2002      Nordiska Ministerrådet Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (paintings & luminous performance; with dancers/
              Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, New York (including performance with Gender Illusionist, Dréd   
               Geresant) 100 Lex Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, New York (four performances May 19 with JoLea Mafei    
               Dance Company, Joseph  C. Phillips Jr., TK Blue composers/musicians)
              Merce Cunningham Studio, New York, New York (performances March 21 - 24, with JoLea Maffei Dance
                Company and Joseph Phillips Jr. composer/musician) Video/DVD available
2001      Gallery Ami, Seoul, Korea
              Function @ Junction, Whistler, B.C., Canada
2000      Karlshamn Konsthall, Karlshamn,  Sweden
1999      Ystad Art Museum,  Ystad,  Sweden (performance Jan. 15, 2000 with Mats Gustafsson, Saxophone
                and Lotta Melin, dancer)
              Galleri Gerthel,  Malmö, Sweden
              Konsthallen Hishult,  HishultSweden
1998      Gallery  Ami,  Seoul,  Kore
1997      MANIF International Art Fair,  Seoul, Korea
1996      Samuel J. Zacks Gallery, York University,  Toronto, Canada
              Solveig Bergström Gallery,  Jönköping,  Sweden
1995      "A Retrospective",  Gray Art Gallery,  Curator:  Bo Nilsson, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
              Roger Smith Gallery,  New York,  New York
              Gallery Ami,  Seoul,  Korea
1993      Anders Knutsson.  Gallery Ami,  Seoul, Korea
1991      Stephen Solovy Gallery,  Chicago,  IL
1990      "Lightscapes,"  Curator: Charles Shepard III.  University of Maine Museum of Art, Orono, ME
               Galleri Hylteberga, Skurup,  Sweden
               Bennett Siegel Gallery,  New York,  New York
1988      "Gates of Light,"  Curator: Thomas Krens, Williams College Museum of Art,  Williamstown, MA 
1987      Keith Green Gallery,  New York,  New York
1986      Mission Gallery,  New York,  New York
              Gunnar Olsson Gallery,  Stockholm,  Sweden
1984      Galleri Ressle,  Stockholm,  Sweden
1983      "Luminous Painting," Curator: Douglas Schultz, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and Buffalo, NY
              "Featured Artist,"  Stratton Art Festival,  Stratton,  VT
1982      "Matter/Memory"  Lunds Konsthall,  Lund,  Sweden    Curators: Bo Nilsson & Lars Nittve
              Kunstnerernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
              Björneborgs Museum,  Björneborg, Finland
              Konstnärsgillet,  Helsinki,  Finland
              Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
1981      Galleri Ressle,  Stockholm, Sweden
1980      Carolyn Schneebeck Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
              Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester,  VT
1979      Galleri Händer,  Stockholm, Sweden
1978      Galleri Nordenhake, Malmö, Sweden
1972      Jewish Community Center Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Group Shows
2015     Mårtenson & Persson Gallery, V:a Karup, Sweden
             The Big Ten-O, Tabla Rasa, Brooklyn, NY
             Bring to Light, Castellani Art Mueum, Niagara, NY
             Stations of the Cross, Church of St Luke & Matthew, Brooklyn (travelling), curator A. Knutsson
2015     London Art Fair, Knight Webb Gallery, London, UK
2014     “Intimate Forest”, Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn. Curators Audrey Anastasi & Anders Knutsson
             “Materialists” curator A. Knutsson, The Painting Center, NYC w. Collins, Hill, Guerra, Knutsson
             “I Kan Do Dat”, Rush Arts Galley, NYC, NY
2013      Knight-Webb gallery, London, UK.  Monochrome Paintings
2012      Krapperups Konsthall, Krapperup, Sweden. “Champion Trees of the World”
2011      “Embrace” theme exhibition on Emigration, Smålands Museum and others, Växjö, Sweden
2010      International Art of the 1970’s from the collection, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
2009      “Hello Living”, Brooklyn, NY
2008      “Brooklyn as a State of Mind”, CHAF, Brooklyn, NY
2008      “The Quest to Define Ourselves & Our Culture”, Paintings. St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, NY
2007/8   “Points of View-Contemporary Landscape” Paintings, drawings, prints. Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2007      “Blast - Ten Year Anniversary”, print, Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
              “Forte Condo”, Paintings, Model apartments Installation, Brooklyn, NY
              Kentler International Drawing Center, drawings, Brooklyn, NY
2006      “The Diligent Hand”, drawings, Gallery 64, Brooklyn, New York
              Kentler International Drawing Center, drawing, Brooklyn, NY
2005      AAF Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery D3, New York City
             “Project Diversity, a multi-venue exhibits. By Brooklyn Artists; G Carver Gallery/Magnolia Tree Earth Ctr,
                 Brooklyn, New York
             “Faces of the Fallen”, ten portraits of US soldiers fallen in Iraq, for a Memorial at Arlington Nat’l Cemetery,
                 Washington, DC.  Curator: Annette Polan
             “The New Landscape”, California State University Channel Islands, Curator: Jack Reilly
2004     “Winter Sonata”, Gallery at Marmara-Manhattan, New York, NY (with Ragna Berlin and Madeleine Hatz)
             “They Came From Da Hood”, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY (Curator: Danny Simmons)
             Clinton Hill Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY; co-director, curator; two luminous performances
             “Art Downtown:  Connecting Collections”, Presenter: Deutsche Bank, Curators: Danny Simmons,
                  Russell Simmons, Diane von Furstenberg, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Robert Wilson
             “Looking In/Looking Out”, Paul Mellon Arts Center Gallery, Wallingford, CT; Curator: Ellen Pliskin
2003      Brooklyn Academy of Music/SONYA Group show, Brooklyn, NY
              Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY
2002      “Ground Zero”, Museum of New Art, Detroit, MI
2001      Works on Paper Flat file, LFL Gallery, 531 W. 26th St., New York, NY
              “Young at Art”, The Hope Center, Jersey City, NJ. Curator:  Robert Costa
              “Water is Life”,Wetterling Gallery,Stockholm, Sweden
1999      Wilson Bismarck Gallery,  Baltimore,  MD,  Curator: Ellen Price
1998      Kristal Gallery,  Warren,  Vermont
             "Ontario Landscape",   BYK  International,  Oakville,  Ont.  Canada.  Curator: Anders Knutsson
1996      MANIF International Artfair, Seoul, Korea
              "A Northern Vision",  Noranda Inc.,  Toronto,  Canada.  Curator:  Anders Knutsson
1995      "Tribute to Ingmar Bergman",  Thomas Nordanstad Gallery, New York,  New York.  Curator: Elfie Alwin
1993      Mission Gallery, New York,  New York
1992      "Beyond Boundaries",  Forum Gallery,  Jamestown Community Gallery,  Jamestown, New York
              Löwenadler Gallery,  Stockholm Art Fair,  Stockholm,  Sweden
              "Contemporary  Landscape",  J. P. Claire Gallery, New York,  New York.  Curator:  Ellen Price
1991      Lillian Heidenberg Gallery,  New York,  New York
1989      Frank Bernaducci Gallery,  New York,  New York
              Björn Olsson Gallery,  Stockholm, Sweden
             Yuma Art Centre,  Yuma, Arizona
1987     Area Nightclub, “Area in the Dark” NYC, NY.  Luminous Installation
1984     "Radical Painting", Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, MA.  Curator:  Thomas Krens.
             Brampton Gallery,  London,  England
             Gallerie Ressle,  Stockholm Art Fair,  Stockholm, Sweden
1982     “Matter/Memory”, Park West Galleries,  Detroit, Michigan
             Gallerie Ressle, Stockholm,  Sweden
             Galleri Erichs,  Malmö,  Sweden
             Grommet Gallery, NY, NY “Unpunctuated” Curator: Marcia Hafif
1974     Drawing Invitational, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
1972     Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio




University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL, Three large paintings, two drawings and two prints of Champion Florida trees for new LEED certified Art & Social Science Building 50. Commissioned by Florida’s Art in State Buildings.
Stevens Institute of Technology, Babbio Center, Hoboken, NJ. Commissioned Installation of paintings.
Clearwater Courthouse, Clearwater, FL.  Four 7’ x 7’ paintings of indigenous trees for the courthouse lobby. Commissioned by the Pinellas County Arts Council.
BYK International, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.  Coordinate a Corporate/Art Community project to lease art from local artists for a 12-month period.  My role was to select the artists (total 15) as well as the individual art work ensuring that the total cost fit within the $15,000 budget, ensure on time delivery, arrange the contracts with the corporation and the artist, arrange the administrative paperwork, curate and inst
all the art.
Beauty Plaza Building, Seoul, Korea.  Proposal accepted to paint and ship six large paintings of Banyan Trees in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Total budget was $50,000.  My responsibility was to paint and deliver the paintings within the agreed price and time frame.
Noranda Inc., Toronto, Ontario.  Coordinate a Corporate/Art Community project to lease art from local artists for a 12-month period.  My role was to select the artists (total 14) as well as the individual art work ensuring that the total cost fit within the $40,000 budget, ensure on time delivery, arrange the contracts with the corporation and the artist, arrange the administrative paperwork, curate and oversee the installation.
Noranda Inc., Toronto, Ontario. (See details under 1997) 
Korean Olympic Committee, Seoul, Korea.  Two paintings commissioned for opening ceremony celebration.



“Materialists” curator A. Knutsson, The Painting Center, NYC  w/Collins, Hill, Guerra, Knutsson
Five Brooklyn Artists, Gallery D3 / Bayside Builders, 105 Lexington Ave, Brooklyn, NY
“Hello Brooklyn”, Installation of art by 32 artists in 21 loft apartments, Triumph Realty, NYC
Clinton Hill Art Festival, Art by 52 artists at 95 Lexington, Producer/curator, Brooklyn, NY
“Nikita Hunter – To Japan with Love”, Grand Dakar Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Forte Condo Project – co-curator with Danny Simmons. Brooklyn, NY
Magnolia Tree Earth Center – George Washington Carver Gallery, Brooklyn, NY –  Chief Curator
Gallery D3, AAF Art Fair, Chelsea, New York City
Magnolia Tree Earth Center - George Washington Carver Gallery, Brooklyn, NY - Curator
AAF Contemporary Art Fair, Pier 92, New York City
“Brooklyn Kicks Ass II”, September 11, Stairways/ Gallery D3 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Yolélé Art Gallery (resident curator, monthly exhibitions), Brooklyn, NY
“Brooklyn Kicks Ass”, Clinton Hill Art Festival, Brooklyn, NY
Yolélé Art Gallery (resident curator, monthly exhibitions), Brooklyn, NY