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Posted by admin on
Anders - amazing work. The trees exude such a sense of "human-ness." And the luminous paintings are sheer genius. Congrats!
Posted by Catherine Dufour on
I fell in love with your work when I saw it in the courthouse in Clearwater, FL. I have always loved trees, and have taken pictures of special ones over the years. I just never knew other people did too.
Posted by Elaine Carrano on
I just came across a huge picture of you in the Burlington
Free Press dated Aug.1987 shortly after I sold you a house in
Manchester,VT with the barn you used as a wonderful studio.
I stopped in at the house several years ago and got a very cool reception! I've been living in the Burlington area since the late
'70's and love it.
You have a very interesting website and some interesting con-cepts. I loved the work you were doing in the Manchester barn, so
probably would like what you're doing now. I was always sorry that
the Art Center was not more receptive to your work; they loved those old barns and realistic cows.
They are now. I was there this summer as we had a memorial service there for my younger son who died in Colorado in Aug..
Hope your art is being received with fanfair.

Elaine Carrano
Posted by barbara groh-wahlstrom on
I am happy to be your neighbor, so now i must see your work in person!
Your trees and monochromes are beautiful
Barbara, next door
Posted by Charles lovell on
Anders, I tried to leave you an e-mail, but 3 old addresses bounced back.Your site looks good! Best, Charles
Posted by Eva Åberg (Eliasson) on
Hej Anders,
Jag som skriver är dotter till Gertrud Eliasson/Brandt, jag kommer ihåg dej sedan jag var liten och Du kanske kommer ihåg mej! Jag gillar dina målningar - mamma har ett att dina träd - och i helgen var jag och min man i Hishult och såg din stora målning.Fantastisk! Min man Lars-Åke är skulptör och ställer ut i Hishult till hösten.Vi hade inge möjlighet att se din utställning där men du kanske är på gång med någon mera i Sverige?
Varma hälsningar Eva
Posted by Martha on
I saw the painting that you did for my friend Sam. It's fantastic! I would love to have a drawing or a print, but I can't find a place on your website with ordering information.
Posted by Nancy Boltwood on
Trees, beautiful trees! No one understands their spirit better than you my dear! You are brilliant. Just dropping in to get my
"Anders fix." Hope you are resting up after your long trip!
Mad love to you,
Nancy Boltwood
Posted by Peter Bunten on
Hi Anders - I'm trying to send you information via email about the Ruth Chenven Foundation -- but the email address I have for you got kicked back.

Can you please give me your updated email address? If you like, you can also contact me by going directly through the foundation website, at www.chenvenfoundation.org. Thanks.

Peter Bunten, President
Ruth and Harold Chenven Foundation
Posted by Peter Bunten on
Hi Anders -

I just sent out a request for artists' upcoming shows, etc., for our 2011 edition of Summer News & Views. However, the email I have for you in the system got kicked back.

Can you please give me the correct email so I can send you the information?

Thanks. Hope all is well.

Peter Bunten, President
Ruth & Harold Chenven Foundation

Posted by Venus Prado on
I was introduced to your BEAUTIFUL work today when I came across a small yellow luminous painting entitled "Northern Summersky I" (1991). I bought her and have been mesmerized all day! I can't believe my luck! She is beautiful and she is mine! Thank you for making yellow come alive!
Posted by Elena Wilson-Singer on
It has been a long time. I am still a fan of your work. Back from living in Thailand and now living in Nova Scotia.
Posted by Roxie Johnson on
Hi Anders.

I am a printmaker, educator and mixed media artist of Scandinavian descent.
Yesterday was my first visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. They had just finished setting up your exhibit and allowed me to enjoy. What a pleasant surprise! Your work is extraordinary. I am so glad to have discovered it...

Be well,

Posted by sandra allen on
I can't believe your work! I love it but I am surprised to see someone working so much like I am.


have you seen my work?

Sandra Allen
Posted by Kayo on
Thanks for the insight. It brgins light into the dark!
Posted by Erling L. Solstad on
I was happy to meet you and your wife and friends Saturday night as the guest of Jim Porter. Hopefully, I will see more of you in the future after the Holidays. Erling
Posted by Erling L. Solstad on
see above
Posted by Ann Small-Wills on
Sitting in our family room with my mother looking at the drawing of the rhinoceros that you did in 1971 while living in Cincinnati. We thought you might enjoy knowing it is still in the family and is treasured by us all!
Posted by Shela Xoregos on
Hello, Anders-glad to see your site--hope to see you in 2012--Shela Xoregos
Posted by Jan Bergstedt on
Hej Anders,
Jag tror att vi känner varandra sedan 1967 då vi bägge började på Sundstrand Aviation, Rockford Illinois.
Om jag har rätt? Hör gärna av dig.
Jag har en av dina första tavlor sittande över vår säng!
Posted by Barbara Galazzo on
HI Anders,

You recently had a show in Beacon,NY. I am opening a gallery in Cold Spring, NY (one town over from Beacon) and am wondering if you might be interested.

Email me at address above.
Posted by Dan Sohn on
Hej Anders!

Kommer du ihåg mig? Jag var din elev (från Columbus, IN) i svenska när du bodde i Cincinati. Jag bor i Sverige (Nykvarn söder om Stockholm) med min familj. Kul att det går bra för dig- jag kommer så väl ihåg när jag besökte din atelje och du körde en SAAB sportbil.
Jag gillar verkligen dina träd! Ha det så bra- Dsn
Posted by Brandon Nappi on
Thank you so much for your powerful work. I am deeply touched by your exploration of trees. We are launching a new 200 bed meditation and mindfulness center on 50 acres in central Connecticut. The center will be called the Copper Beech Institute for Mindfulness and Contemplation...The center will explore how mindfulness can empower personal, social, and environmental transformation. Part of our center will be a professional art gallery which will help people to explore questions of sustainability,personal and environmental well-being, and happiness. Would you be open to having a phone conversation with me? I have a few questions about your work with trees which connects with the work of our new center.

I deeply appreciate your time and vision. Wishing you peace,

Brandon Nappi
Posted by Valentine Yarbrough on
I saw your work at the Clearwater, Florida Courthouse. IT WAS MAGNIFICENT!! I want to buy a print(s) of your Champion Trees. Where can I find them? I hope to receive a reply to my inquiry as it was such an incredible experience for me. I didn't want to leave the Court House!
Posted by admin on
Love your work! Please provide info on your upcoming exhibitions.
Posted by Ulf Nordin on
I do like your trees; reminds me of trees along the coast of Gotland where the wind, sand and the seasons shape them bare and lonely, but yet strong and earthly.
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