SAM'S BEECH II, 2009 - 53 x 71 cm Installation at  University of North Florida Hishult Konsthall, Sweden  2009 Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2014 TREATY OAK -  U. of N. Florida 2006, 183 x 210cm TREATY OAK - Installed at U. of N. Florida.jpg Gumbo Limbo & Safety Harbor Live Oak at Clearwater Courthouse, FL GREEN BUTTONWOOD - U. of N. Florida 2006, 183 x 130cm CAUCASIAN WINGNUT V, 2011 - BBG, 102 x 137cm Brooklyn Botanic Garden Gallery 'Yggdrasil' Installation BRISTLECONE PINE II - White Mtns, CA, 52 x 42 inch, 132 x 107 cm COUNCIL FIG, In Progress COUNCIL FIG, U. of N. Florida, Jacksonville - 72 x 51 in, 183 x 130cm GREAT COPPER BEACH and GUMBO LIMBO, 2009, Gallery, Brooklyn NY EAST MEADOW BEECH II, 2011 - 127 x 107 cm BRISTLECONE PINE I - White Mtns, CA,  53 x 43 in, 135 x 110cm

Luminous Trees Gallery


The most unique feature of the luminous paintings is that colored light emanates from inside the paint itself. No other paint does that. In the dark you only see the light; the painting as a physical, material object disappears visually. The emanated light is not static like an electric light - it is dynamic, and changes in intensity and in color with time.